Adults, teens and children interviewed after making a suicidal attempt say that they did it because they were trying to escape from a situation that seemed impossible to deal with or to get relief from really bad thoughts or feelings. 

Some people who have ended their lives or attempt suicide might be trying to escape feelings of rejection, hurt or loss. Others experience feelings of anger, desperate for attention that they might finally get it once they are gone, ashamed or guilt. Some worry about disappointing friends or family members. Others feel unwanted, unloved, victimized or that their a burden to others. 

Suicide is brought on by lies from satan who desires the downfall of Gods human creation. Beloved, you are Gods most precious masterpiece. Yes we have others who tell us otherwise, who make us feel so insignificant and unwanted. But God says you are already accepted in Him, you are very much wanted by Him. Beloved God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, of the entire Universe wants and deeply desires you. 

The bible makes it very clear about "fiery darts" that are thrown in hopes that they are received by the individual it is aimed for. One of the fiery darts is in the form of lying thoughts, images and is designed to rouse up the flesh/sin nature in hopes that the person will walk to the dictates of these feelings that are described and follow the mind of the flesh. 

It is critically important for one to give Jesus Christ their entire heart and life to prevent ever going this route or even if they are already on this route to give Him all their life so they don't have to. Once you give your entire heart and life to Jesus Christ then He makes you born again. He literally gives you a new nature. With this very special gift He gives you another gift called the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God Himself who will lead, guide and be with you for all eternity. The Holy Spirit is the One who lives in your born again spirit and blesses you with new feelings and emotions replacing the old ones and gives you all you need to live in your new life.

Beloved if you are someone who has or is contemplating suicide please know that it is not to late. God is with you. Satan desires for you to do this horrible act because he is so afraid that you will accomplish the purpiose God has ordained for your life.

God has taken the tendencies, feelings and mindset of this horrible act on His Son Jesus when He went to the Cross over 2,000 years ago. Jesus gave His life for you so you don't have too. Everything that may look wrong, or upsetting even the feelings and thoughts that seem to torment you can be eliminated by giving your life to Christ Jesus instead of giving it over to the desire of satan. 

People who have attempted suicide and those who have, never wanted to, they just believed the lie that it would be the ultimate expression to get their message across that they were deeply emotionally wounded by the circumstances or people around them. For others they believed the lie that it's the ultimate revenge towards those who hurt them and caused them pain.

Let God show you the Truth of the situation. Let Him show you the Truth regarding the emotions you have felt, the thoughts and images that race through your mind and the life that Jesus gave for you. 

Let God give you the life He died and rose again for you too have. 

"Oh How He Loves us..."
Anita street preaches on suicide
Jesus I need you to rescue me from suicide and it's tendencies. I don't want to kill myself I just don't know any other way to cope. Thoughts that try to convince me its the only way out the only way to be free seem to control me. Jesus if I have bought into a lie please save me from it. 
I'm asking you to take over my life. I give you everything that has ever hurt and tormented me (list what comes to mind). 
I give you all my fears and anxieties. Be my Truth and my stronghold. Be my life. Be my God. 
Let me know how much You love me, what You have done for me and what life is really about. Let me not fall. Your Word says You will not have me be ashamed. I give you my life in exchange for the Life You have for me. Baptize me in Your Holy Spirit now. Amen.

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Prayer regarding Suicide 
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