How We Use Your Donations for millions of people...worldwide
Discipleship Materials - When the invitation is given through our Ministry whether through OYEP Broadcast, in person, outreach, etc we are able to provide discipleship packages that include: 
  • Ministry CDs
  • Bible
  • Faith Gift
  • Deliverance/Prayer Book
  • Cross Neckalce
Items may vary depending on personal need, inventory, etc. These packages are also mailed out internationally!

Open Your Eyes People Broadcast Production - OYEP is an on-line Church broadcast bringing Breaking News World Headlines MATCHING Bible Prophecy, worship, praise and preaching the Gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Serving over 180 nations worldwide we bring Prophecy to the forefront of every headline letting people know how close we are to the Day of the Lord and leading hundreds to first time salvation's and re-dedications to the only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Day of the Lord is at hand...

Open Your Eyes People Billboards - Billboard advertising have been known to reach captive audiences in the form of commuters everyday while many are traveling or stuck in traffic. Thousands of people driving everyday to work, vacations, etc have absolutely no idea how late it is on God's prophetic time clock. Many are unsaved souls not ready to enter eternity. By God's Grace and Spirit we can give them the Answer and snatch their souls from satans grasp! We need your help to get to those alseep and unsaved before it's too late...

On-line Restoration Ministry - This part of our ministry is geared towards leading people to the knowledge of the Truth concerning their full deliverance, healing and righteousness by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Evangelist Anita helps in personally ministering to those who suffer with emotional bondage, suicide, demonic strongholds, addictions, cutting, depression, homosexual lifestyles, occult and more. 
Evangelistic/Restoration Ministry
Outreaches - 
We go out into the streets hitting the local downtowns all the way to the beaches and everything in between street preaching the glorious everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ while we have the First Amendment.
The work is not even close to being done and the hour is already late. Donate Today. You can give on-line or mail: EMOAF Evangelist Anita  PO Box 218, Schertz, TX 78154
Stormie Omartian since the conception of our ministry we have included for distribution, these anointed prayer books and materials Stormie has written for the deliverance and salvation of souls worldwide. 
EMOAF Conferences - We are privileged to offer end-time bible prophecy conferences and urgent exhortations of the Lord Jesus Christ through our conferences both in conventions centers and ballrooms and streamed via Livestream audio/video equipment. These conferences costs thousands of dollars to prepare but have always brought priceless souls to eternal life. Click on the picture for more information
Evangelistic Ministries of Anita Martir Rivera